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Nathaniel Jacobson LLC P.A. Adoption of the 21st Century Office Model


Nathanial Jacobson LLC Public Accounting maintains a virtual office environment. What does this mean? 


The 21st century has brought a number of new things to the business environment. The Internet. Web and WIFI-enabled mobile devices with high definition displays and super fast processors. Driver-less vehicles. App-centric e-commerce models. Software and IT infrastructure in the cloud. The list is endless.


You feel the crush of new technology in your business every day. It increases productivity and it can lower operating costs. But it also lowers competitive barriers and increases training and recruitment costs. The subsequent pressure on profits is relentless.


At Nathaniel Jacobson LLC P.A. we feel the pressure too. So we looked at trends in the business world. And one trend stood out--office space virtualization.


Office space in suburban Maryland ranges from $25 to $75 a square foot. In Washington DC it is more. That cost is passed on to an accounting firm's clients. The accounting firm is less cost-competitive and their clients get less value.


So we took the plunge and moved our central office environment into the cloud. Don't worry, we still have an administrative address on Rockville Pike. We maintain client meeting space in North Bethesda and Frederick. And of course we still come to you. 


Watch this AICPA interview with a CPA who uses a virtual officelink


Our employees and associates are happier. Service has actually improved. We have passed our cost savings in the form of lower rates and fees to our clients. 


In the end, our clients are the real winners.


Nathaniel Jacobson LLC P.A. The right choice at the right time. 

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