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Still have our 2014 flyer from the defunct Gazette? Don't worry--we're still here!

Welcome to our website. 


We are glad you are here. The tabs at the top navigate to descriptions of our services, sub-menus for each service area, and  important information about our firm. The flyer we published and our contact information can be found below.




Income Tax Preparation 


* Individuals   * Partnerships   * Corporations


Our services include:


  • A professional service warranty which guarantees you the largest refund possible with the lowest tax liability or our services are free

  • Free personalized financial and tax evaluation with recommendations for tax savings strategies

  • Free examination of any prior years tax returns filed to determine if you may have paid too much or are entitled to a refund.

  • In depth personal conference

  • Quality personal attention


We provide support for:


  • IRS audits and collection problems

  • Back years tax returns

  • Buying or selling a home

  • Moving expenses

  • Out of state tax returns

  • Business start-ups

  • Saving taxes for small businesses

  • Retirement plan distributions

  • Financial and tax planning

  • Financial statements


The Free Consultation and Free Estimate


Our initial consultation is free. It is your opportunity to discuss any problem you may be experiencing in taxation or accounting without cost or obligation with an experienced CPA.  


Call us at (301) 841-0209 or email us at

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