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Saving on your taxes is hard. But there is something you can do to give you or your business an edge. Engage Nathaniel Jacobson LLC Public Accounting for full service bookkeeing, bookkeeping support, or traditional monthly write up service. Professional bookkeeping and accounting is a basic requirement for maximizing savings on taxes and getting the most profitability from your operations.


Each month Nathaniel Jacobson LLC associates will review your books, make appropriate adjusting entries to adhere to proper internal control and to lower your business or estate's tax profile. A CPA will analyze your financial condition and the month's activity to make recommendations and to provide alerts on important business activity. Then we will send you a complete financial profile in the form of financial statements.


The best part of our monthly write up service is that it will free your time to do what you do best. Servicing your customers and managing your business. Nathaniel Jacobson will give you piece of mind that everything that can be done about improving cash flow and minimizing your taxes is being done without you taking away critical time from business development and sales activities.

As a bonus, in the last month of your business year (typically December for most filers), we will perform a final analysis of your expense stream and financial records and estimate your tax burden for the year. This will allow you to make final adjustments to your books to further lower your tax burden before the fiscal year close.


Give us a call!


The Nathaniel Jacobson monthly write up service is smart business. We are so confident that we can improve your bottom line through our service, that we are offering you a free consultation. It is your opportunity to discuss any problem you may be experiencing in accounting or business process without cost or obligation

Call us at (301) 841-0209 today to schedule an appointment for your free consultation. We look forward to speaking with you. 


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