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As an accounting firm that is built from the ground up on cloud software, you would expect that Nathaniel Jacobson LLC P.A. understands the special challenges facing IT and software businesses. We do. We count hundreds of app developers, software engineers, and software industry players among our clients, each of which has taken advantage of our unique insights in ensuring success in their endeavors.  

We offer capital structure planning, valuation and dilution modeling, financing consulting, accounting system installation and maintenance, business plans, and operational consulting. 

For established businesses we offer fiscal budgeting, tax planning and filing, strategic planning, accounting 0utsourcing, software solutions, payroll, inventory management, project management, and more. 

Give us a call!

Nathaniel Jacobson business services can give you the cutting edge you need to dominate your competition and satisfy your customers. We are so confident that we can improve your bottom line that we are offering you a free consultation. It is your opportunity to discuss any problem you may be experiencing in accounting or business process without cost or obligation. 

Call us at (301) 841-0209 (or email us at today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to speaking with you.


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