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Fraud Prevention, Detection, & Response


The best way to combat fraud is prevention. Nathaniel Jacobson believes that a little TLC in your business process and internal controls can go a long way in preventing a crippling loss down the line just when you can least afford it. 


Credit, Collections, and Cash Flow


Maximizing cash flow makes sense to everyone, from individuals all the way up to large corporations and governments. But customers, bankers, and capital planning all put enormous pressure on your limited cash resources. Let Nathaniel Jacobson show you how to reduce bottlenecks and monetize your receivables in order to allow your business the cash it needs to succeed and grow.


Forensic Accounting


If you need litigation support, in-depth analysis of unexplained circumstances in your books, or just a way to move from paper to electronic systems, Nathaniel Jacobson is prepared.


Bankruptcy and Insolvency


Bankruptcies and insolvencies throw individual or business assets and liabilities into chaos. Nathaniel Jacobson can sort through them and provide actionable reporting to interested parties. 


Give us a call!


The Nathaniel Jacobson LLC P.A. audit and receivables teams are among the best in the business. Call us for a free consultation. It is your opportunity to discuss any problem you may be experiencing in your forensic or collections requirements without cost or obligation

Call us at (301) 841-0209 today to schedule an appointment for your free consultation. We look forward to speaking with you. 


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