Business Budgeting & Strategic Planning


The accounting services that Nathaniel Jacobson LLC P.A. offers are not just about bookkeeping. It is about budgeting and planning too. Each accounting system that we support features a budgeting and planning function that makes it easy to track your current year's progress and plan for the future--making sure you make the timeliest appropriate business decisions. 


Need a business plan for your business idea or start-up company?

Need help putting pen to paper and drawing up financial models for your new business idea or just-started company? Let Nathaniel Jacobson LLC P.A. help. Our experienced professionals have helped hundreds of companies focus on what they do best while satisfying the information needs of investors and creditors (see our Business Plans page).


Financial Concierge


Can't seem to find the time necessary to manage your bills and finances? Nathaniel Jacobson team has the answer--financial concierge. We track your financial affairs for you so you can spend your valuable time on what really is important--your family, job, and/or business.  


Multiple options

We have every financial concierge option that can fit any personal comfort level and support need. Concierge Portal offers a state-of-the art cloud platform for your financial portfolio that includes a dashboard that will show your status at a glance. At the end of each month we then summarize your financial activity. Concierge Tracking includes the features of Concierge Portal and adds bill payment reminders, a monthly financial analysis, and a quarterly tax analysis. Concierge Management includes the features of Concierge Tracking and adds automated bill payments and quarterly withholding filings. Concierge Agent includes the features of Concierge Management and adds manual bill payments, state and federal annual income tax filings, and mortgage escrow management.


Financial Planning


The Nathaniel Jacobson team prides itself on its ability to work with your chosen trusted financial advisor. Don't have a financial planning advisor? We are happy to provide one. 


Is your will up to date?

When was the last time you reviewed your will? People generally make wills to guarantee the proper disposition of their money and property, which is why it’s a good idea to consult your CPA when it’s time to create or update your will.

We recommend that you revisit your will every time you experience a major life event, such as marriage, the birth of a child, retirement or other significant milestones. Even if there is no meaningful change in your life, it’s smart to review the document every couple of years to ensure it still addresses all your estate concerns and reflects your wishes. Changes in the value of your investments—such as a stock portfolio or real estate—may also require adjustments in your estate plans.

Reviewing your will may raise questions about various areas of your financial life, including your retirement or estate planning, college savings or other financial concerns. Be sure to turn to us for the perspective and advice you need to make the best choices.


Give us a call!


We offer financial planning and business plan clients a free consultation. It is your opportunity to discuss any problem you may be experiencing in financial planning, budgeting, concierge, or business plan creation without cost or obligation

Call us at (301) 841-0209 today to schedule an appointment for your free consultation. We look forward to speaking with you.