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We are glad you are here. The tabs at the top navigate to descriptions of our services, sub-menus for each service area, and  important information about our firm. A selection of the information we published and our contact particulars  can be found below.




Cutting Edge Accounting


Has Your Accounting Kept Up With The Times?


In the last seven years, we have seen tremendous changes. Flip phones and laptops have been replaced with iPads, iPhones and android devices. Flat screen TVs have replaced rear screen or tube TVs. Driverless cars map streets, and pilotless aircrafts take pictures and videos from the air. Even speed traps have been automated through the use of ticket cameras.


Accounting and tax practice has changed a lot, too. 2013 brought Obamacare, the Net Investment Income Tax, and health care coverage penalties. A plethora of tax breaks have expired and new ones have been added since then, including the massive Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. New accounting software has been introduced which makes older systems and packages expensive and obsolete.


We Are an Insurance Policy Against Being Left Behind


Nathaniel Jacobson LLC Public Accounting is the insurance policy you are looking for. We save you money by finding ways to reduce your tax burden. And we save you money by using cutting edge accounting software and practices for your business and personal needs. We also save you money by helping you understand your business better through transparent and timely reporting and personal tax planning. And we give you perhaps the most important savings of all: time. Time to service your customers, and time to spend with your family.


The Free Consultation and Free Estimate


Our initial consultation is free. It is your opportunity to discuss any problem you may be experiencing in taxation or accounting without cost or obligation with an experienced CPA.  


Talk to our partner emeritus, Jeff Morris CPA, at (240) 514-4310 or email him at Nextdoor customers get a free consultation, so call or email today!

Updated 7/25/2022.

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