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Why You Should Join Us


Nathaniel Jacobson's mission is to bring the expertise found among industry professionals and public accountants to its clients so they benefit from just not quality regulatory compliance, but proven business acumen gained through hard experience. 


This is good news for you, the next potential Nathanial Jacobson employee. We know that expertise comes from all types of work experience, training, and academic background. So we focus on the person and not some popular notion of pedigree.  Our people are hired to assist and mentor our client's people. The human connection. That's the core value of Nathaniel Jacobson





Send your resume and a cover letter to, referencing the position you are applying for and outlining why your skill set, experience, methods, and professional outlook will make our client experience that much better. We want to hire you--so help us understand who you are. We look forward to hearing from you!


Craigslist Advertisement Respondents


If you are responding to our Craigslist advertisements for the above positions, welcome to our site! We look forward to speaking with you. Forward the required materials to or respond via the Craigslist respondent email link.



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